To purchase the full version of Syndicate you can either:

  • Complete your purchase at the bottom of this page


  • Donate directly to selected charities and provide the receipt (see details below)

By purchasing this product you will receive:

  • A download link to the current version of the plugin as a VST3 and AudioUnit for Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Free updates up to and including the full "release ready" version of the product

Donating directly

If you donate $15 or more to any of the below charities and forward the email receipt to [email protected], I'll send you a download link and add your email address to the mailing list for updates. (Be sure to choose a payment method that creates a receipt - usually not a bank transfer)

White Elephant Audio has no relationship with any of the charities listed.


If you have any questions, issues, or feedback, please contact me at [email protected], or on Twitter @welaudio

About transaction fees

Currently I'm covering the cost of transaction fees so that 100% of the purchase goes to charity. If in future I have the very fortunate problem of a huge number of sales, then around 3% of the purchase may need to be used to cover this cost (of course if you choose to donate to a charity directly then this cost does not apply).